New Player Guide

There are many ways to play Heroes Evolved Arabic. We recommend starting with the tutorial to learn the fundamentals of play. Find the mode that best suits your style and carve your path to glory!

Operation Guide

Hotkey Description
Right Click Move your hero
Q/W/E/R Cast ability Q/W/E/R
Ctrl + Q/W/E/R Upgrade ability Q/W/E/R
Shift + Q/W/E/R Smart cast of ability Q/W/E/R
1-6 Item/equipment spot 1-6
Tab Open match stats page
A Attack move
B Teleport
Double click B Teleport to your base
P Open item/equipment shop
S Stop command
H Hold command
I Open detailed information of your hero
Z Move the cursor out of the game window
Ctrl + Left Click Issue and attack command with a green mark
Alt + Left Click Issue a Warning with a red mark
Space Reset camera
Y Camera lock on your hero
F1 Camera move to your hero
F2-F5 Camera move to your ally 1-4
Up/Down/Left/Right Scroll camera Up/Down/Left/Right