How to Unlock Hero Cleopatra


The Closed Beta will begin at 11:00 Cairo time (13:00 UAE time) on Nov. 22nd. And you’ll be able to unlock the free hero, Cleopatra, in game!

If you have liked our Facebook page, please like it again on this page to get the code.

Follow the Steps to Unlock:

  1. "Like" Heroes Evolved Facebook page. You can click the button "Like Page" directly above on this page.
  2. You'll get the Redemption Code right away here.
  3. Login the game, click the "Reward" icon, and then find the "KEY" icon to enter your code!
  4. Cleopatra unlocked.

Cleopatra is a ranged hero with striking beauty and intelligence, and easy for you to start with. During the battle, pay more attention to the direction when you’re casting the abilities.